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With a comprehensive suite of features, including powerful ChatDesk capabilities, Bonga CX ticketing is your ultimate solution for efficient ticket management, seamless customer support, and exceptional service.

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30% faster response time with ticket management software.

Efficient ticket management software is crucial for businesses as it enables faster response times, improves customer satisfaction, and streamlines issue resolution, resulting in enhanced productivity and strengthened customer relationships.


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Ticket Creation

Create tickets effortlessly and capture essential customer inquiries and issues with ease. Bonga CX's intuitive ticket creation process ensures, provides a centralized repository for tracking and resolving customer requests.

Ticket Tracking

Stay on top of all customer interactions with Bonga CX's ticket tracking feature. Easily monitor the status and progress of each ticket with real-time updates for proactive measures to ensure timely resolution.

Ticket Assignment

Assign tickets to the most qualified agents with Bonga CX's intelligent ticket assignment capability to improve response time and customer satisfaction.

SLA Management

Never miss a service level agreement (SLA) deadline again! Bonga CX's SLA management feature allows you to set response and resolution time targets for each ticket, ensuring your team meets customer expectations consistently.

Communication and Collaboration

Efficient communication is the cornerstone of exceptional customer service. Bonga CX's ticketing facilitates seamless communication and collaboration between teams for unified support approach.

Reporting and Analytics

Data-driven insights are essential for continuous improvement. Bonga CX's reporting and analytics feature provides a comprehensive view of ticket metrics, agent performance, and customer satisfaction levels.

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